A French bakery in Chiang Mai

If you live in Chiang Mai you probably have heard about Nana Bakery from a friend.

This is one of the very best place in Chiang Mai to get freshly baked:

French croissants,

Authentic baguettes,

Special breads of all kinds,

  and much more...

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Nana Bakery started very small, almost confidentially.

Progressively, by word of mouth, the different type of croissants and the french specialties they propose became famous among both the expat and local communities. Nana bakery is all about quality and passion.

As success grew, Nico and Oiy had to keep up with the growing demand. there are now 3 Nana bakeries in Chiang Mai ! Click to visit the dedicated page:

Making bread requires a very specific attention to quality.