Nana Bakery

Nana Bakery


French Croissants in Chiang Mai

The Classic Butter Croissant

It is the very thing that started the all Nana Bakery adventure.

You will find small and big croissants in the different stores. If your missing your favourite Boulangerie or you just want to know how the real stuff tastes ... You know where to start.

Chocolate croissants.

( Pains au chocolat ) 

If you were a kid in France you have had a "few" of these. Like a classic butter croissant, stuffed with a generous amount of chocolate. Some people hide to devour these, collecting traces of chocolate on their cheeks ... and glitters in their eyes.

Almond Croissants

( croissants aux amandes )

These are dangerously delicious, more especially with a coffee at hand. 
Their heart is filled with the most addictive almond cream in this part of the world.

Ham & Cheese Croissants 

( jambon fromage )

You know what the right balance of sweet and savoury can do to a grown up person. 
 This is no junk food for sure _ but you may also find hard not to come back to it ... Big and small ones are available.