Nana Bakery

Nana Bakery


Traditional french bread in Chiang Mai

Let's start with "La Baguette"

The simple, classic and delicious french baguette. Made with quality Thai flours. 

A new batch is baked usually 3 times a day.

The traditional french baguette

Especially made with imported flower from France ... 

... in the warm, morning light.

The famous Sourdough

Personally, it is tasting this very bread at a friend's house that made me want to know where it comes from. It is first because of this sourdough bread that I became a fan of Nana Bakery.

Long lasting, huge classic: Le pain au levain

A light rye bread, made in the most traditional way, no yeast. It get his unique taste from a long natural maturation.

Walnut Sourdough bread

Based on the same light rye dough, with walnuts.

This one, toasted with cheese it is to die for. Still warm with paté, close your eyes, breath, and you dive right back into your french childhood.

Raisin Sourdough bread

The same sourdough base, shaped in a small bread, with a generous amount of raisins ...This is THE choice with goat cheese and white wine _ some will argue _ but seriously, try it and let me know.

Rosemary white bread

A very pleasant way to have your bread. With salad, ham, ... Toasted, it is light and crunchy, and the herbs are just taking the all experience to another level.

Olive white bread

Inspired by la Provence and Italy. 

A very interesting alternative to the Rosemary bread... A bread that let you travel around the Mediterranean sea.

Cereal multi grain bread

Your are used to big, square, sliceable bread. Here is the rich and healthy version of it. 

The multi grain is made of 9 different cereal and 3 kind of flour. Fresh or toasted this bread is ideal for an healthy breakfast.

Cereal Baguette

In the same spirit than the cereal bread, a baguette made with selected flour, grains and black sesame (Gnia dam). Back sesame is an healthy classic in Thailand.