Nana Bakery

Nana Bakery


Nana Bakery in Nong Hoy, Chiang Mai.

This is where the magic happens.

This is also the production site for the croissant. The ovens are outside. You can see and smell. Observe the dance of the croissants, breads, and danishes, all day, freshly baked.

Order a coffee, a complete breakfast, or a sandwich, there is still 2 or 3 tables outside.

The shop itself is just around the corner.

There are different ways to get to Nana croissants.

The address :

  236/5 Siriwattananivet Village

  Moo 6, T. Nonghoi A. Muang

  Chiang Mai

  TEL: 09 55 04 93 17

If you come from downtown, 

you go East, pass the river.

Just after the bridge of your choice, you turn right to the South.

Keep on following the river, you will pass the Holiday inn ( former Sheraton),

Then the Nong Hoy Market, and under the Super highway.

Just after the intersection under the Super highway, you want to explore the very first block to your left... It won't be long before you see the corner where the Bakery is. The selling point, the shop itself is a little door on the side.

Another way is to come from the Airport or Hang dong,

get the Super Highway in the direction of Sang Kampaeng.

You take the first Exit after you passed the River.

You will be in the Nong Hoy intersection. You turn Right under the highway and immediately to the left.