Nana Bakery

Pies and Danishes in Chiang Mai


A savoury classic, more especially in the East part of France. 

Here it comes in small sizes and different varieties. 

With bacon or ham is the most common. You also try mushroom, leeks, and sometimes blue cheese. Tell us which one you prefer.

You will find many kinds of Danish at Nana Boulangerie

This one is filled up with chicken and vegetables.  You can also find a classic "chausson aux pommes" with a home made apple marmalade,      

... A new one is filled with ham, cream, and cheese.

Almond Chocolate Danish

Have a sweet tooth today? Here is the perfect treat. It is basically a fully featured butter croissant stuffed with home made almond cream AND dark chocolate ... Seriously delicious.

Don't forget the coffee or the glass of milk, depending on how old you feel at the moment.

Almond Danish-Pie

( La Galette Des Rois )

The mini version of a family classic.

How would you call this in English? "A flaky puffy pastry filled with our favorite legendary almond cream" ... That sounds about right.

This is the Kouign-amann

( pronounced like Queen-gna-man )

This is a speciality that you usually only find in the west of France. It is said that it comes from Douardenez in the Finistère, It is definitely "Breton" ... For every "kid" in Brittany ...This is THE stuff you run after. 50% croissant dough, 50% sugar, 50% butter.

It is available on Saturdays at the different Nana Bakeries.

You can find these traditional French Danishes